About Marius

My name is Marius. I am a certified Wim Hof Instructor. I have been practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques for several years, and in 2016 I came across the Wim Hof Method. It’s simplicity and effectiveness caught me right away and I dived in head first — literally.

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Two years later I was sure that this method with its three elements of breath work, mindset meditation and ice cold baths does not only provide short term effects, but it integrates with the daily routine and improves the overall quality of life.

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In my day job I work as a data science consultant. Long hours at the computer coupled with tight deadlines inevitably lead to stress if you are not careful. Starting my day with a few minutes of active breathing and ending my steaming hot morning shower with a few minutes of cold water have made a big impact on my energy levels, and my sick days over the past year have been… zero!

In my free time I love rock climbing and bouldering — you can find me in the gym 2 to 3 times every week. Rock climbing requires a strong body, but at least as important is a strong mind and full focus. And since starting to practice the Wim Hof Method regularly, I could feel a switch in my mindset: not only was I more focused, but also did I approach a new route in the rock with a different attitude. Slowly the inner dialog switched from “well, I’m gonna try how far I get here” to a “hm, looks doable. I’m gonna go up there now.” And this mental attitude by itself gave my climbing a big push.

Finally, in 2017 I signed up for the Wim Hof Academy to become a certified Wim Hof Instructor. A few months later I have founded The Happy Yeti to share my experience and knowledge about various breathing techniques, mindfulness and cold exposure.

To learn more about my personal story take a look at my blog. For more info on the methods and upcoming workshops go here.

Icy dip during Daniel Kluken’s Inner Mountain Expedition in Sweden