Be a Happy Yeti.

Powerful. At ease. Big smile.
Absolute Zen.

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What others say

  • Mind-blowing and very inspiring experience. I lost my icebath-virginity. 😀

    Daria Radchenko
  • Great workshops! Good scientific explanations and a beautiful atmosphere. Marius is always in a good mood.

    Daniel Schmitt in an Ice bath | Marius Helf | The Happy Yeti
    Daniel Schmitt
  • Great experience! Will definitely do again!

    Hannah McNulty
  • I had a lot of fun at the workshop and got a good introduction to the Fundametals of the Wim Hof Method. Everything was well planned. Marius is a friendly and attentive instructor, who made sure, that every exercise was performed savely.

    Nils Follmann
  • Marius and Jakko were attentive and approachable teachers. They gave clear instructions, gave interesting background information and provided a fun and safe environment to finally enter the ice bath. Great experience!

    Jarek van Dijk