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Experience the Wim Hof Method near Amsterdam.

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Wim Hof Method Workshops

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What others say

  • Just a great experience!

    Yu Ri Tan
  • Very well organised and professional. Marius calmed everyone’s anxiety and lead us well. It was a great day out and I learned that I am stronger than I thought.

    Clare Toms
  • When tears stream without crying while I meditate getting the sound of silenceI in the icebath and felt reborn when I step out of it. I think I had the best course I ever attended. Thank you Marius Helf.

    Indra Wijaya
  • Such an inspiring day, with inspiring people on a very beautiful location! Lovely woodstove made it very cosy. Dinner in the end was perfect too. Marius & Jacco had the right inspiring energy. We had a great day!

    Sylvia van Veelen
  • After attending a fundamental workshop several years ago, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the method. Marius advanced workshop provided me with an incredible teaching on the breathwork to progress my technique, as well as a great ice bath experience.

    Yann Freudenreich
  • Really enjoyable and inspiring experience. Great to meet everyone else who was there with an open mind and curious to learn. Many thanks to Marius for sharing his knowledge and experience.

    Greig Blackie
  • Marius was a very warm instructor with great patience. He shared his story with the method which was humbling and inspiring. I really appreciated his kindness and calm approach. I’m telling all my friends about the workshop! I had x2 DMT trips and managed x3 ice baths! Thank you again

    Fran Allen
  • Was top. Goede begeleiding en met enthousiasme gedaan!

    Roy Uitterdijk
  • Mind-blowing and very inspiring experience. I lost my icebath-virginity. πŸ˜€

    Daria Radchenko
  • Great workshops! Good scientific explanations and a beautiful atmosphere. Marius is always in a good mood.

    Daniel Schmitt in an Ice bath | Marius Helf | The Happy Yeti
    Daniel Schmitt
  • Great experience! Will definitely do again!

    Hannah McNulty
  • I had a lot of fun at the workshop and got a good introduction to the Fundametals of the Wim Hof Method. Everything was well planned. Marius is a friendly and attentive instructor, who made sure, that every exercise was performed savely.

    Nils Follmann
  • Marius and Jakko were attentive and approachable teachers. They gave clear instructions, gave interesting background information and provided a fun and safe environment to finally enter the ice bath. Great experience!

    Jarek van Dijk