The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method

Be Happy

Get control over body and mind and push out negative thoughts.

Be Healthy

Regulate the immune system, train your cardio-vascular system and reduce the impact of allergies and many illnesses.

Free of Stress

Gain control over body and mind and stop feeling stressed.

Better Sleep

Sleep like a baby and fall asleep easily. Every single night.

Always warm feet

Warm feet all year long. Summer and winter alike.

More Energy

Feel more energetic throughout the day. Gone the days of tiredness and exhaustion!

Master any Challenge

Learn to change your mindset and start seeing opportunities instead of problems.

How does it work?

The Wim Hof Method combines a special breathing technique, mindset & meditation, and extreme cold into one powerful framework.


The breathing technique energizes the body and allows to reach deep into the unconscious mind. This allows to heal old trauma while at the same time calming the conscious mind.

Whilst performing the breathing technique the body also produces natural hormones — adrenaline, endorphins, probably natural cannabinoids and opioids. This explains the feeling of deep happiness and inner calm after a breathing session.


A strong mindset is the basis for success. Most fear, anger and sorrow are a result of our perception of the environment. With a strong mindset, we can hack into our way of thinking and turn challenges into opportunities.


Cold exposure trains the cardio-vascular system and stimulates the immune system. It is also a strong, positive stress impulse that leads to a state of deeper relaxation as a result. By learning to relax in a state of controlled stress you gain the ability to choose your stress response in everyday life.

Putting it all together

While all of the three pillars have individual benefits, the combination of the three is what makes the Wim Hof Method so unique. By practicing all three elements – breathing, mindset meditation and cold immersion – you can unlock all kinds of benefits.

✓ Improved immune system
✓ Increased energy
✓ Heightened focus & determination
✓ Reduced stress levels
✓ Dealing with fear and challenges
✓ Improved sport performances
✓ Better sleep
✓ Greater cold tolerance

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