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Celebrate life with the Wim Hof Method. Leave everyday life behind for a time of bliss, relaxation and happiness.

🙌 Find your zen with a simple breathing technique.
❄️ Experience the dopamine rush of an ice bath.
Unleash the power of your mind to unlock a plethora of benefits.

We teach in 🇳🇱 Dutch, 🇬🇧 English and 🇩🇪 German.

Join us in one of the upcoming classes. 👇

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do it! Every healthy person can participate in the workshops.
It is normal to be a bit nervous about the ice — almost everybody is the first time.
But remember, the ice is only 2 minutes out of a beautiful, day-long workshop. It’s not even just about the ice.
We have plenty of time to build up trust into your own body and mind.
To understand how your body works in the cold.
And what you can do to turn an ice-cold bath into a beautiful and powerful experience.
And of course, nobody has to go into the ice. We don’t force anyone.
But experience shows that almost everybody wants to step into the ice 🙂
It depends. But I know a lot of cases where people could reclaim the cost of a workshop from the self-development or the company’s well-being budget.
First of all, the workshop is for you, but you will learn a lot of techniques that are also relevant for your company.
If you apply the techniques regularly, you will get:
  • a stronger immune system. You will be less sick and hence have less leave days.
  • a grip on stress. If you are less stressed, you will have better ideas and create better solutions.
  • be more content and confident. You will probably find yourself talking about your ideas more freely and get your point across more easily. All in all sharing more knowledge with your team and hence improving productivity.
These are three good reasons to talk to your manager or team lead to reimburse the costs for your ticket.
I will of course provide an invoice that you can hand in to HR.
Whether you reimburse one of my workshops is completely up to you.
But as an employer or team lead you can get a lot of benefits from letting your team work with me.

A happy and content team.

Healthy, relaxed and fearless people are happier.
The workshops conveys a deep understanding of ones own body and emotions.
And a better understanding of those around you.


Leading to a stronger, more connected, and happier team.
For long-lasting and trustful relationships.

Less sick leave.

The Wim Hof Method reduces inflammation, increases the amount of white blood cells, and changes the perception of illness.
Your team will also learn better ways to deal with stress.
All in all reducing the probability of anyone calling in sick.

Creative solutions and brilliant ideas.

Often people are afraid to speak up, out of fear of rejection or because they think the idea is just “not good enough”.
Ideas get stuck in your best people’s heads.
The techniques that I teach reduce stress and take away fear.
Leading to a free thought process and better solutions.
With the team, not stuck in anyone’s head.

Long-lasting effects.

Everything I teach can be applied at home or at work.
All day, every day.
No outdated knowledge.
No need for re-certifications every year.
The positive effects will last a lifetime, and only get stronger with regular practice.