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Of adrenaline and and the immune system

It’s this time of the year again… winter has officially started. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s nippy, it’s time for flu and common cold. The days are short, and if you work in an office you may leave home before the sun is up and come back when the sun is down.

And maybe you feel some effects… a little less energy, a little head cold, a little low mood. I certainly feel it. I even got a proper flu this week for the first time in years.

So what can we do if we want to feel better, prevent getting sick or make for a quick recovery?

It’s simple: we need a strong immune system.

Our immune system’s base are the white blood cells.

Those little buggers love ADRENALINE. When the body is full of adrenaline, they come out, flood the blood stream and eat everything and everyone who does not belong there. Including evil bacteria and viruses.

Second, we need to reduce inflammation. And guess what… INFLAMMATION HATES ADRENALINE. Actually, adrenaline activates the so called Cori cycle, which increases our metabolism, gives our cells more energy and releases lactate into our blood stream. Which indicates to the body to produce anti-inflammatory messenger proteins such as IL-10.

Long story short, WE NEED ADRENALINE.

We could…

  1. go bungee jumping, or
  2. try crossing a highway at rush our, or
  3. do breathwork.

Yeah that’s right. Wim Hof Breathwork produces up to 6 times more adrenaline than a bungee jump. Tells the body to produce more white blood cells, the body’s very own soldiers for fighting illness. And reduces inflammation.

So, go ahead and BREATHE, MOTHERF*CKER, as some people say. Whether you’re healthy right now, or whether you’re already fighting a cold. It’ll do you good.

Much love!

PS: it also produces cannabis, opioids and maybe even DMT right in your brain. Have a nice trip! 🙂

PPS: this is about short, intense bursts of adrenaline. Like breathworks, ice baths, sports. Don’t crank into Jason Statham. Reduce chronic stress. Chronic stress brings a lot of negative ramifications.

Much love. Breathe. Enjoy, like and share.

What happens when we breathe?

A cycle of life

Up in the sky the sun circles on its path from horizon to horizon, day by day, year by year. The sun is huge, 1,390,000 kilometers in diameter. You can fit 1,000,000 earths into the sun! And inside the sun a gigantic nuclear reaction is producing an unbelievable amount of heat and energy. A part of this energy radiates into the universe. High energetic particles and light. Eight minutes and 20 seconds after leaving the surface of the sun, after traveling 150 million kilometers through space, some of this energy arrives on our earth and gives you this warm feeling when it kisses your face on a sunny morning. But it also gives energy to virtually all live on earth, and the sun rays that stroked the skin of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago are now fueling your car or your commuter train when you go to work tomorrow morning.

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