How 10 seconds can make your day a good…

Crossroads… life is full of them. 10 seconds to decide: left or right? Onwards or back?

10 seconds to decide…
Burger or salad?
Drive or walk?
facebook or meditation?
Cold shower or hot?

// 10 seconds decide what happens in the next hours //

Every morning, I have 20 minutes where I can do whatever I want. It’s free time. I made sure that the rest of my routine, shower, breakfast, getting ready for work, do not interfere with them.

20 minutes just for me. My time.
I’m sure you also have 20 minutes somewhere.

When you wake up.
Or when you come home from work.
Or after dinner.

What do you do?

In my 20 minutes I want to breathe and meditate.

So I brush my teeth, come down. And the next 10 seconds decide what happens in the next 20 minutes.

Do I pick up my phone and check my latest post? My messages? Oops, 20 minutes gone. Let’s rush over to breakfast. My head is spinning.

Or do I snuggle up in a blanket, close my eyes and breathe? Get my head free? Aaah such bliss! Here I am world, let’s rock!

10 seconds to decide for 20 minutes of waste or 20 minutes of bliss.

20 minutes to prime you for the day. Start it rushing through other peoples shouts and posts? Or start it with a calm mind? Bliss, energy?

20 minutes to decide whether your day starts relaxed or with information overload. Where your headspace is.

Are you present during breakfast? Enjoy every bite? Or is your head still spinning with other people’s content? Do you rush through breakfast, upset your belly?

You see where I’m getting here.

// Everything you do influences the course of your life //

Snooze the alarm one more time? You have less time for breakfast. You rush. You’re stressed before you even DID anything.

Keep the tv off in the evening? Spend more time with your loved ones. Have quality time, creativity. Go to bed with positive vibes AND on time. Wake up rested. Don’t snooze.

// Learn to make good decisions //

Every decision even so small counts. Learn how to make them good. Every time.

Learn to setup your environment to facilitate good decisions.

Make it easy to make good decisions.
Make it hard to make bad decisions.

For example, setup your meditation space the night before.
Log out of netflix.
Switch your phone off at night. Put the charger far away from the bedroom.

Everything counts. Everything you do is a vote for or against the person you want to be.
Vote for the best version of yourself as much as possible.

Become aware of your habits. Nurture the good ones, make it hard for the bad ones.

// Tell me about your decisions //

What are your pivot points? Your small decisions that make your day a happy day?
What do you struggle with?
Tell me in the comments!

Much love

Marius is a Wim Hof Method Instructor Level 2. He was born in Germany, and moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Shortly after he discovered the Wim Hof Method as a beautiful way to balance his office job. He dove deep into the ice and his own soul at a Wim Hof expedition in Sweden. It has helped him to work through a lot of old burdens and taught him to open up emotionally. After the expedition he knew that he wanted to share this method with the people around him. Since he has guided hundreds of people through the basic and advanced techniques of the Wim Hof Method as a certified instructor.

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