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And tomorrow I’ll be happy

// Tomorrow I’ll be happy //

Tomorrow I’ll have time for my friends.
For my family.

Just finish one more task.
Just finish this one project.
Just get done with the house renovations.

Just bite through the next week.
The next month.
The next year.
Then I’ll have time for my family and for my friends.

So many people fall into this rabbit hole.

// They are results oriented. //

“When I get a result I’ll be happy.”

But when you get the result, what then?
Achieving your goal makes you happy for a day.

And then?
Once you’ve lost 5 kg you gain 5 kg.
Once your house is tidy your house sinks into chaos.

Because the way you do things did not change.
Because the way you think did not change.
Because your process did not change.

Once your project is doneā€¦ you either stop or you have the next project.

// So how can you be happy every day? //

Just don’t be results oriented.

Don’t work for your results.
Don’t bind your happiness to your goals.

// Become process oriented. //

Create a routine that you enjoy.
Make the time it takes for your results enjoyable.

And take a break once in a while.

Most people achieve 80% of their productivity in like the first 4 hours of the day.

No matter how important that project is.
No matter how urgent things seem to be.
No matter how fast you want it.

// Design a process that you can sustain.//

A way of working that makes you happy every day.

And take a break once in a while. Make it part of your routine. Recharge every day.
And be a turtle.

If your process is good results will follow automatically.

Much love

Marius is a Wim Hof Method Instructor Level 2. He was born in Germany, and moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Shortly after he discovered the Wim Hof Method as a beautiful way to balance his office job. He dove deep into the ice and his own soul at a Wim Hof expedition in Sweden. It has helped him to work through a lot of old burdens and taught him to open up emotionally. After the expedition he knew that he wanted to share this method with the people around him. Since he has guided hundreds of people through the basic and advanced techniques of the Wim Hof Method as a certified instructor.

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