It’s not about the cold

Often people ask me, hey Marius, when’s your next ice challenge? Or hey Marius, you do that batshit crazy ice bath stuff. Why on earth??

Here’s the thing. It’s not about the ice.
Breathwork is another very important element of what I am doing.
And feeling deep into your own subconscious, your body and your mind.

But it’s not about that either.

What it’s really about, is transformation.

Breathwork and ice are a tool to transform yourself into a calmer, more loving, more performant person.

Getting out of your head.
Being vulnerable.
Releasing the pressure.

And hence having the capacity, mentally and physically, to do great things.
To start that thing that you always wanted to start.
To spend say no to unimportant stuff and spend more time with your partner and family.
To have the confidence to do whatever you want to do. And cut out the bad stuff.

That’s what it is about.
That’s why I do that crazy ice stuff and the weird breathing thing.
And that’s what I teach and share in my “ice challenges”.

All the best and take care!