Why you should be like a turtle

Let us be turtles.

Lately I have been reminded again by comments on my posts, by my wife, and by life (hello flu!), that we all should be more turtlish.

Also in the Wim Hof groups, in fitness groups, international, Dutch, German, I see daily posts of the type “I’ve done my training routine for x weeks, I do breathwork daily and x minute ice baths. I was feeling great, but now I always have a snotty nose. What am I doing wrong?”.

Well, here’s the thing:

You are not a turtle. You are a rabbit.

You know the story of the turtle and the rabbit.
The rabbit is sexy, the turtle is not.
The turtle is rich, but the rabbit is not.

It’s easy to get carried away by something new, something cool. Do daily 7 minute ice baths. Do a crazy long drive, have an intense weekend, and drive back to a full working week. Start a new sport and go all in.
Sure, we can do it, but the body will tell us after some time that it was too much. We burn out, get sick, feel that our performance goes down. But we train so hard? What’s wrong?


A short sprint that gets you far ahead, then a little rest, a little distraction, and maybe another sprint.

Don’t rely on intense weekends for your kick. Make every day is beautiful and build up your stamina.

Do a little work every day, but do it over a long time. You will win.

Be a turtle.

Much love!

PS: A claim without a proof is just a ramble. Good job the internet exists. Here is my proof:

Marius is a Wim Hof Method Instructor Level 2. He was born in Germany, and moved to the Netherlands in 2016. Shortly after he discovered the Wim Hof Method as a beautiful way to balance his office job. He dove deep into the ice and his own soul at a Wim Hof expedition in Sweden. It has helped him to work through a lot of old burdens and taught him to open up emotionally. After the expedition he knew that he wanted to share this method with the people around him. Since he has guided hundreds of people through the basic and advanced techniques of the Wim Hof Method as a certified instructor.

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